The Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is a beautiful medium-sized (36-41 cm) lively, good-natured, flexible and intelligent long-haired dog. In spite of the name it is not a terrier, – it belongs to one of the 14 ancient breeds and serve as a herding, watch & companion dog for nomads and monks in Tibet.

Read more about the history and the breed standard in the menu ‘The Tibetan Terrier’.


Welcome to LepaLamto Tibetan Terrier


LepaLamto is tibetan for Good Luck and that has a very special connection to the Tibetan Terrier as he is considered a ‘Good Luck Charm’ in Tibet.

We have lost our hearts to this fantastic breed and we look forward to sharing our passion with you and all the families, whom in the future will dream of and finally get a Tibetan Baby.

We have decided that our breeding will be based on Dr. Greig’s Lamleh line and thereby 100% descendants of the original population of the breed Ahokyi Apso’s – exported out of Tibet before 1951, - you can read more about that under ‘About LepaLamto’. 

We hope that you will fall in love (if it did not already happen) with our wonderful breed and we are obviously available if you have any questions or just want to talk about how it is to live with a Tibetan Terrier. You are welcome to write to us on:



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News, 12. June 2020. Welcome to the World!
News, 11. May 2020
We are expecting puppies mid June 2020! Se more under 'Puppies'. Tibetan Terrier puppies of the lamleh line - both parents absolutely healthy with wonderful mentalities and great achievements in the show ring.