You should consider a Tibetan Terrier, if you:

  • Likes a good-natured and independent dog you can bring anywhere
  • Have humor and enjoy a good laugh, if you are being outmanoeuvred a bit
  • Happily spend cosy grooming time with your dog
  • Have active days and/or days on the couch – the TT is happy both ways
  • Appreciate a dog who is happy when solving tasks and likes to participate in family activities
  • Want 2-way communication with your dog (it sometimes tries to get the last word)
  • Want a loyal friend, who loves all family members


Our Hometeam at the moment is ‘only’ Lepa as she is our first Tibetan Terrier. We plan to keep a bitch from our first litter, which we hope to welcome in early summer 2020. 


Lepa means ‘good’ in Tibetan.

Lepa is descendant of Dr. Greig’s Lamleh line and is born on November 20th in 2015 at Kennel Dawa’s i Hedehusene (DK) – her kennel name is Dawa’s Jingle Bell. We were lucky that Merethe Breilev thought we would be the right owners for Lepa and she moved in 8 weeks old in January  2016. Merethe is well known and has for many years been a highly respected breeder of Tibetan Terriers in Denmark. Her dogs have amazing minds and many of them holds multi championships from the show rings.

  Lepa's Pedigree                     Dawa's Dino-Lamleh     Lamlux Halleluja at Dawas


Lepa is a good-natured dog and she loves new adventures. She enjoys lying on the couch but she is as happy when we embark on journeys and meet new people. She settles very well in a bike-trailer/bus/gondola/tuk-tuk, at dog shows/restaurants/ski-resorts/hotels/campsites/ferries or wherever we fancy bringing her. It is in no way her that puts restrictions!


Besides a fantastic mentality and a correct, breed typical exterior, the health is paramount. Lepa is DNA tested and clear of LL, CLL/NCL, PRA3 and RCD4. Her hips are A, elbows 0, Patella Luxation 0 and eye examination ECVO clear – so it does not get better than that!

She has passed the french mentality test (TAN).

Results from the Show Ring

She has mostly been showed in France and Germany. As she is 100% Lamleh and they take a bit longer to finish growth, we took a break from junior time until autumn 2019. Here we resumed this lovely hobby and in 3 weekends she got 6 times excellent, won BOB and got a silver medal in the Lion D’or competition in the french Tibetan club.